Planning : May 28-31 2024

• Welcome: Tuesday 28th may from 8 am

• Lectures from tuesday 10 am to Friday noon

• Posters: Wednesday and Thursday afternoon

• Welcome dinner : tuesday evening

• Banquet: Thursday evening

• Closing:Friday 31st noon


Lunches and dinners will be offered on conference site from tuesday to friday noon.



Session Topics:

• Co-expression & isotopic labelling

• Isotopic labeling in vitro

• Isotopic labeling in eukaryotic cells

• Isotopic labeling of nucleic acids 

• Labeling with paramagnetic tags

• Segmental labeling

• Isotopic labeling for neutron studies

• NMR of large proteins and complexes

• In vivo and in cell NMR

• Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Proteins



Program AILM2024
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Last News:

May 17 : Abstracts can now be downloaded along with general information and the program.

General Information, Program and Abstracts
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