• Frédéric Allain (CH)   Structural insights into protein-RNA interactions within biomolecular condensates using UV cross-linking and mass spectrometry of isotopically labeled RNA


• Haribabu Arthanari (USA)   Leveraging Fluorine as Atomic Beacons in Biomolecular NMR: Challenges and Opportunities


• Pau Bernado (FR) Cell-Free approaches for the incorporation of structural probes for 19F-NMR and SANS


• Frank Bernhard (DE) Cell-Free protein synthesis tools for the production of NMR samples

• Bjorn Corzilius (DE) Site-specific dynamic nuclear polarization in uniform and sparsely labeled biomolecules


• Galia Debelouchina (USA) Chemical biology tools for NMR spectroscopy of gels and cells


• Victoria D’Souza (USA) Extending the tool box for RNA biology


• Giovanna Fragneto  (SE) Neutron structural characterisation of model membranes from natural lipids


• Kendra Frederick (USA) TBA


• Frank Gabel (FR) Deuteration and neutrons: a perfect couple for studying complex biomacromolecular systems in solution


• Clemens Glaubitz (DE) Solid-state NMR and DNP approaches for the study of transporter and receptor proteins within the membrane


• Alvar Gossert (CH) Labeling in eukaryotic cells enables NMR studies of GPCR activation and deactivation


Sabine Hediger (FR) SelDNP: Focusing on a selected protein site by DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR


• Sebastian Hiller (CH)   The dynamic chaperone network in the endoplasmic reticulum


• Ulrich Hommel (CH) Drugging the Undruggable: Can Protein Dynamics guide Drug Discovery ?


• Nadia Izadi-Pruneyre (FR) Integrative structural biology of bacterial membrane nanomachines


• Sarah Keane (USA) Structure-based regulation of microRNAs biogenesis


• Ewen Lescop (FR) Probing lipid/protein coupled dynamics in membranes by High-Pressure NMR spectroscopy 


• Enrico Luchinat (IT) Expression of fluorinated proteins in human cells for 19F in-cell NMR


 • Ronald Micura (AT) – Chemical Synthesis of Modified RNA


• Julien Orts (AT) Lead Generation without an X-Ray Crystal Structure: An NMR Method to Probe Protein-Ligand Complexes


• Katja Petzold (SE) What label for what experiment: RNA dynamics


• François-Xavier Theillet (FR)  In-cell NMR of a-Synuclein and Tau at 310K and 10 uM: the actual powers of 13C-labeling & 13C-detection

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